Founded in 2006, Shoham are experts in cutting natural colored stones from rough,with focus on melee(small stones) ranging from 0.9 to 3.0 mm that suits customers who are doing micro/multi pave setting in high jewelry and in multi sizes.


Our main lines are: exotic garnets such as color change garnet,demantiod garnet and champagne garnet, natural yellow and purple sapphires,pink sapphires,spinel and aquamarine.

Our main source is in Madagascar,where our stone buyer travels constantly to buy roughs and get them cut in our Thai based facilities,where we have more than 70 staff.

On top of all the melee,we also carry some single stones in Aquamarine,natural special color Morgenite and some color change garnets and champagne.We also cut fancy shapes,rose cuts and most of our stones are calibrated unless a customer request a non standard size.

Most of our stones are not treated and the only treatment that we do is "in house" heating (mostly for pink color)

pink sapphire.color change garnet.aquamarine.spinel lavender.demantiod garnet