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We are committed to providing a variety of quality gemstones for our customers. By using strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Take a look at our main collections, and get in touch to order or learn more.

Demantoid Garnet
These natural Demantoid garnets from Madagascar are known for the way they emanate a beautiful brilliance that rivals diamonds from their radiant green body. This is what makes them special not only among green gems but all gems. 

Champagne Garnet
These exotic champagne garnets, also called Malaya garnet, have subtle hues of light and neutral pink. They also shift color from Champagne to a pinkish reddish color under incandescent light. Available in rounds and fancy shapes. Origin- Madagascar. 
Purple Sapphire
Our purple sapphires come in 5 different tones of colors, light to dark. Heat-treated in-house and with eye-clean clarity, these gems are available in rounds and fancy shapes. 
Origin - Madagascar.
Blue Sapphire
Our blue sapphires come in 10 different shades of colors, ranging from pale blue to dark-vivid blue. Heat-treated in-house and available in round sizes from 1mm-3mm.
Origin - Madagascar
Color Change Garnet

These bewitching natural color change garnets are from the Bekily mine in south Madagascar-the only place where these enchanting gemstones are found! Color change garnets are one of the few gems that change color depending on the light of day, transforming into a teal-blue by daylight/fluorescent light and reddish-purple by lowlight/incandescent light. 


Our ocean blue aquamarines come in 4 color grades- A, AA, AAA and Gem. A being the lightest and gem the most vivid. These aquamarine gems are 'loupe clean' clarity and are heated in-house to remove a greenish undertone. Origin- Madagascar. 
Pink Sapphire
Our pink sapphires come in 4 grades of color - A, AA, AAA, and Gem.  'A' being the lightest and 'gem' the most vivid. These pink sapphires have 'eye-clean to 'loupe clean' clarity and are heated in-house to remove a brownish undertone. Available in rounds and fancy shapes.
Origin- Madagascar. 
Yellow Sapphire
Our yellow sapphires are 100% natural, non-treated and unheated. Available in round shape from 1mm-2.5mm 
Origin- Kenya
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